Pente Poets Poetry Trail Hinterland to Headland

Poetry trails are based on the principle of arts-based place-making, providing creative spaces that help to build public awareness of the links between poetry, people and place.

By their very nature they can create a better understanding of the power of poetry to appeal to the imagination, to inspire, to entertain and to move – for people of all ages.

The Hinterland to Headland Poetry Trail

The Hinterland to Headland Poetry Trail is a project of the Pente Poets, a group of poets from the Sunshine Coast hinterland and coast who have been meeting and writing together since 2006. The group has published four anthologies – Fridays at Flaxton, Some Other Landscape, Hinterland to Headland: A Poetry Trail for the Sunshine Coast and On the Poetry Trail: Hinterland (available at

Three members of the Pente Poets – Judith Bandidt, Deanne Lister and Lyn Browne – have a vision of bringing poetry to people. Their mission is to enrich the cultural experiences of people who reside in, or visit, the Sunshine Coast ­– particularly those who have not seen poetry as part of their lives or indeed, the world around them.

For some time, their vision has included establishing a poetry trail for the Sunshine Coast, from ‘Hinterland to Headland‘, linking poetry pathways and sites across the region. Poetry is embedded in the landscape in a manner that enables a natural synergy to be created between the arts, heritage and the environment. Media and technologies used to bring poetry to people vary from a nature-based sculptural approach to an audio trail focusing on local history and heritage.

Listen to the Yandina Poetry Trail Poems

The Yandina Poetry Trail consists of six sites. Click the links to listen to the poems about each site:

Map of the Yandina Poetry Trail Six Sites

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