Yandina Street Fair


We have made the hard decision to cancel Yandina Street Fair 2021. We thank the organising committee for their hard work and dedication to the Yandina community. We especially thank our wonderful performers, sponsors and supporters.

It’s a sad day for Yandina to cancel two years in a row. But it’s unfair to Street Fair participants, especially food vendors, to drag out a ‘wait and see’ period when they have to prepare and outlay resources.

And, most importantly, we have to put public health first. Please stay safe and look after one another.

Yandina 150 ... 150 years since the gazetting of Yandina

Y150 & Yandina Street Fair 2020

The volunteer committee coordinating celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Yandina have reluctantly decided not to hold the Yandina Street Fair this year.

Over the coming weeks we will present some highlights of the past and showcase our town and its people today on the Yandina 150 website at yandina150.org and our Facebook page.

Sometimes referred to as ‘the original workers town’ of the hinterland, Yandina is also the oldest surveyed town in the Maroochy District.

The Sunshine Coast has been occupied by indigenous people for thousands of years and the area where Yandina developed is the home of the traditional owners of the land, the Gubbi Gubbi people.

After European settlement began in 1868, the town was officially gazetted in September 1870. Yandina started as a logging town, then a farming district before becoming what it is today, a growing town that takes pride in its history while forging a prosperous future.

Yandina Street Fair

Yandina Street Fair 2020 – Y150 Update

Y150 – The volunteer committee coordinating celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Yandina/Yandina Street Fair 2020 met on Tuesday 16 June to discuss the situation in light of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

We don’t feel we can confidently plan a large public gathering for our official anniversary on 23 September.

However, a public celebration later in 2020 may be possible; and the committee will meet again in mid July to discuss this opportunity, particularly if government restrictions ease.

Meanwhile, we are working on ways to celebrate Y150 in various ways, with social media as a key tool.

For updates, watch the Yandina Street Fair Facebook page; Yandina Chamber of Commerce; YADCA and Yandina Happening.

Throughout September we will feature stories, pictures, history and character profiles to celebrate our wonderful community.

Thanks for your patience and stay safe.

For more info please email yandina150yrs@gmail.com or message us on the street fair page https://www.facebook.com/YandinaStreetFair18August2019


Virtual ANZAC Day 2020 Yandina-Eumundi RSL

Virtual ANZAC Day Service 2020

We are pleased to share this year’s Virtual ANZAC Day Service is going ahead!

As this year Yandina celebrates its 150th birthday it is even more important to us that we continue to honour our community as best we can despite the current circumstances.

Social distancing restrictions prevent us from conducting the traditional service in our usual public format, but in conducting this ‘virtual’ service on-line we hope to bring to you a service which will be as close to our normal commemorations as possible to ensure that all conflicts are honoured, and that family and friends are able to join this important commemorative service, albeit ‘virtually’.

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion out there saying that all services are cancelled. We, along with our community put a great deal of effort into our ANZAC Day service and it would be a shame if it is missed because of the misunderstanding. If you can please share our event direct to our website https://yandinaeumundirsl.com.au or facebook https://www.facebook.com/YandinaEumundiRSL we would be very grateful.

Outline of the Service

There are still some updates needed, but here is the outline of the Service https://yandinaeumundirsl.com.au/news-events/anzac-day-2020/

For all of our great supporters we appreciate your ongoing commitment and support to our community and to Yandina-Eumundi RSL’s Virtual ANZAC Day Service for 2020.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Tracey Gilmartin

President | Yandina-Eumundi RSL | (07) 5472 7056

Indee Comedy Daisy and Goliath - The Very Last Corner Store

Daisy & Goliath – The Very Last Corner Store

is coming in 2020:

March 21/22, 28/29, April 4/5.

This full-length comedy is the tale of Australia’s very last corner store, which is standing in the way of a big development. The bully of the story, Donata Goliath, is a partner in Goliath Developments, but their plans can’t go ahead without acquiring Daisy’s Corner Store (and Daisy ain’t budging).

Full details and ticket info will be advised as soon as they are available.

Indee Theatre website https://indeetheatre.com.au

Daisy & Goliath
The Very Last Corner Store

Indee Comedy Theatre Yandina

Indee Comedy Daisy and Goliath - The Very Last Corner Store

Postponed to March-April 2020 Daisy & Goliath

Every Crook and Granny - Indee Comedy Theatre

Due to circumstance beyond our control The Independent Theatre reluctantly announces that the November-December season of DAISY & GOLIATH has had to be postponed until March-April 2020.

Two roles in the comedy were suddenly vacated, one due to an accident and in this situation there simply wasn’t a hope of staging the production.

The theatre wholeheartedly apologises for any disappointments and disruptions of proposed bookings that this may have caused. We will advise of the precise March-April dates in the very near future.

8 November 2019

Indee Theatre website https://indeetheatre.com.au