Keep the Maroochy River valley green!

This petition aims to stop the development lodged by Sunny Coast Fresh Holdings Pty Ltd to build six 2.5Ha industrial sized steel and glass greenhouses in an area of high scenic value in the beautiful Maroochy River which is currently zoned Rural.

The buildings will cover an area which will be larger than 820 average four bedroom homes and is largely located on a floodplain on the upper Maroochy River estuary.

Click the link to go to the Keep the Maroochy River valley green! Petition.

Protect Our Scenic Amenity in the Maroochy River Valley

Protect Our Scenic Amenity in the Maroochy River ValleyThe idea of POSA started originally from a group of residents who were reading their local paper one day, only to discover that plans were in progress to a build a large scale industrial horticulture development without any consultation with the surrounding community that it will impact upon.

Since then, support from around the Sunshine Coast for POSA is growing and our Facebook page aims to be informative, hopefully insightful and as transparent as possible to issues regarding these types of developments in rural areas of scenic importance.