• December 15, 2018
  • 9:00 am
  • Yandina Community Gardens

Banana Bunch Top workshop

Banana Bunchy Top Disease with Barry Sullivan

Yandina Community Gardens Workshop – Saturday 15 December 2018, 9AM to 11AM. 41 Farrell Street, Yandina.

Barry’s presentation will be about the Banana Bunchy Top virus, how it is spread, what to look out for and how to control it. He will also talk about growing banana plants in general and can answer questions about growing banana plants.

Occurring worldwide, Banana Bunchy Top disease is caused by Banana Bunchy Top virus (BBTV); and is characterised by the “bunched” appearance of newly emerging leaves, and dot-dash flecking of leaves and stem sheaths. Affected plants rarely produce fruit, which can cause significant production losses on commercial farms.

Barry Sullivan has worked on and off as a Land Protection Officer for the Queensland State Government based at both Cape York and later Nambour for the past 25 years. He worked on many containment and eradication projects during his time with the government. For the past 9 years, he has worked on the Banana Bunchy Top Virus project for both the Australian Banana Growers Council and later as a contractor for Horticulture Innovation Australia and continues to manage the project.

Booking, Cost and More Information

Yandina Community Gardens Banana Buncy Top Workshop – click link to go to Yandina Community Garden’s website for booking and more details.