• November 6, 2017
  • 7:30 pm
  • Yandina-Eumundi RSL Hall

Yandina and District Community Association (YADCA)

The November meeting will be held at 7:30PM, Monday 6th November at the Yandina-Eumundi RSL Hall.

News from October 2017 meeting of YADCA

Against the long list of goals that YADCA has on its agenda there were some wins, a loss and some “works in progress” to review at the meeting in the Yandina RSL hall on Monday 9th October.

Funding for Streetscaping

The big win for YADCA has been securing the commitment of the Council to spend the funding that had been allocated to the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Stevens Street and Farrell Street on streetscaping.

The plans for that streetscaping have been fine-tuned on the basis of feedback from two community forums and are now being finalised by the Council but it seems that work is unlikely to begin until the first quarter of 2018. The focus will be on a section of Farrell Street north of Stevens Street. The aim is to make this area more pedestrian friendly and create a sense of a village rather than a highway stop.

Upgrade of the single lane bridge over Caboolture Creek

A big loss is the failure to secure an upgrade of the single lane bridge over Caboolture Creek on the Yandina-Bli Bli road through a share of federal government funding allocated for this type of work.

YADCA president Marie Reeve discovered that such funding was available and went to some trouble to encourage the state government and Sunshine Coast Council to apply for this funding. She has initiated an investigation into why this project did not make the cut, despite meeting all the criteria.

Mt Ninderry Walk

Another win has been the installation of a plastic bag dispenser and bin at the entrance to the upgraded walk up Mt Ninderry so that the many people now taking their dog on that walk can easily take responsibility for their droppings.

The popularity of the upgraded walk is expected to help increase Yandina’s profile on the Sunshine Coast but there is a need for more parking, toilets and better signposting of the pathways on the mountain top and those projects remain on the drawing board.

The popularity of the Mt Ninderry walk has created another issue – the great increase in the traffic going through the Elouera Drive/Ninderry Road intersection. The Council has acknowledged the problem but providing a solution is still a work-in-progress.

School Road/Ninderry Road intersection safety

Improving the safety of the School Road/Ninderry Road intersection where visibility is an issue is also under investigation.

Human sundial

Encouraging news reported at the meeting by project leader Phillip Richards was that with the support of local suppliers of materials and services the human sundial proposed for installation in Teatree Park adjoining the Yandina Historic House is getting closer to realisation.

It is expected that this feature will provide yet another reason for travellers to spend time in Yandina and, hopefully, spend money in the town.

RV Parking

Another work-in-progress directed at increasing the number of visitors who spend money in the town is the finalisation of options for recreational vehicle parking on railway land near the town and in Endriandra Park

As usual, Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson provided a review and updates on wider issues that might impact Yandina.

For further information contact:
President: Marie Reeve Tel: 0487 467 270
Secretary: Peter Baulch Tel: 0438 467 710

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