• February 13, 2018
  • 6:00 pm
  • YB Connections

Yandina Chamber of Commerce Meeting

6PM Tuesday 13th February 2018 at Connections

(Corner of Farrell and Low Streets, Yandina)



I read this from a friend of mine …

I had just stopped for a lunch break in small town on the highway while travelling to Central Queensland. I had reversed my car into a car park and was getting out when I was accosted by a very vocal local woman, “We don’t park like that here!” she yelled at me. “Excuse me?” I replied. “We don’t park like that, you need to use the service road, you cannot park like that here!!” I apologised for my ignorance of the local customs and promptly got back into my car and left the town. I avoid stopping in that town to this day!

Obviously parking rituals and customs were an important part of the culture of this town, at least for one zealous local. While there might be some good reasons for these customs, in this instance an insistence upon compliance to the culture represented a barrier that made me feel unwelcome in that place.

I heard from one Yandina business owner who was accosted by a couple of well meaning locals about what she could and could not do with her business in town. Thankfully she moved on from this “friendly advice” and is now a valuable part of our community.

What barriers do we place before our customers and clients? Are our “important” policies and procedures disengaging us from who we want to work with?

Rev. David Tidey
President, YCoC

Web: www.yandina.org
Facebook: yandinahappenin’
Facebook: Yandinabuylocal


Minutes of previous Yandina Chamber of Commerce meetings and Community Forums are available for download on the YCoC website Download page.

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