Keep the Maroochy River valley green!

Keep the Maroochy River Valley Green! Petition

This petition aims to stop the development lodged by Sunny Coast Fresh Holdings Pty Ltd to build six 2.5Ha industrial sized steel and glass greenhouses in an area of high scenic value in the beautiful Maroochy River which is currently zoned Rural.

The buildings will cover an area which will be larger than 820 average four bedroom homes and is largely located on a floodplain on the upper Maroochy River estuary.

Click the link to go to the Keep the Maroochy River valley green! Petition.

Protect Our Scenic Amenity in the Maroochy River Valley

Protect Our Scenic Amenity in the Maroochy River ValleyThe idea of POSA started originally from a group of residents who were reading their local paper one day, only to discover that plans were in progress to a build a large scale industrial horticulture development without any consultation with the surrounding community that it will impact upon.

Since then, support from around the Sunshine Coast for POSA is growing and our Facebook page aims to be informative, hopefully insightful and as transparent as possible to issues regarding these types of developments in rural areas of scenic importance.

Proposed Council Planning Amendments in Yandina

Rezoning Rural Residential Land in Yandina to ‘Emerging Community Zone’

Sunshine Coast Council has proposed rezoning a parcel of land bordered by Wappa Falls Rd, Creightons Rd & Bracken Fern Rd from Rural Residential to an ‘Emerging Community Zone’.

What is an Emerging Community Zone?

The Sunshine Coast Council definition of this Emerging Community Zone is as follows:

(1) The purpose of the Emerging Community Zone code is to ensure that development is designed and coordinated to achieve safe, healthy and sustainable new urban communities which:-

(a) are well integrated with existing communities;

(b) deliver affordable living opportunities;

(c) provide an appropriate mix and arrangement of activities; and

(d) provide a best practice benchmark for ecological sustainability and the implementation of environmental enhancement and rehabilitation programs.

(2) The purpose of Emerging Community Zone code will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:-

(a) prior to the granting of any development approval or master plan approval for urban purposes:-

(i) interim land uses and other development is predominantly limited to existing uses to ensure that the future potential of the land to be used for urban purposes is not compromised; and

(ii) the sporadic or premature creation of additional lots is avoided;

(b) development in the Palmview Declared Master Planned Area is undertaken in accordance with the Palmview Structure Plan (see Section 10.2 (Palmview Structure Plan)); and

(c) development in other areas not subject to Part 10 (Other plans) is undertaken in accordance with a plan of development that appropriately addresses the matters identified below, and which is implemented via a variation approval or an amendment to the planning scheme:-

(i) development reflects any specific intent statements and local structure planning elements for the area identified in a local plan code;

(ii) development avoids as far as practicable, or where avoidance is not practicable, minimises and otherwise mitigates, adverse impacts on ecologically important areas, including creeks, gullies, waterways, wetlands, coastal areas, habitats and vegetation through location, design, operation and management;

(iii) development is designed and sited to sensitively respond to the physical characteristics and constraints of land, including flooding, steep land, landslide hazard and bushfire hazard, where applicable;

(iv) the scale, density and layout of development facilitates an efficient land use pattern that:-

(A) is well connected to other parts of the urban fabric and planned future development;

(B) supports walkable neighbourhoods that are well connected to employment nodes, activity centres, open space and recreational areas, community facilities, health and education opportunities;

(C) encourages active and public transport accessibility and use; and

Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 Amended 3 July 2017 Page 6-44

(D) maximises the efficient extension and safe operation of infrastructure;

(v) an appropriate mix of land uses and housing types is provided;

(vi) a sense of character and community inclusion is promoted;

(vii) a high level of residential amenity, personal health and safety, and protection for property is provided;

(viii) development provides for pedestrian, cycle and vehicular movement networks that maximise connectivity, permeability and ease of movement within and to neighbourhoods and other areas;

(ix) development is located, designed and operated to be responsive to the Sunshine Coast’s sub-tropical climate and minimises the use of water and energy;

(x) development does not interfere with the existing or ongoing use of adjoining rural land for productive agricultural purposes;

(xi) development occurs in a logical sequence and facilitates the efficient and timely provision of infrastructure and services prior to, or in conjunction with, the first stages of development;

(xii) development is provided with the full range of urban services to support the needs of the community, including parks, roads and transport corridors, pedestrian and cycle paths, reticulated water, sewerage, stormwater drainage and electricity and telecommunication infrastructure; and

(xiii) development does not adversely impact on the continued operation, viability and maintenance of existing infrastructure or compromise the future provision of planned infrastructure.


Public Meeting to Discuss Proposed Planning Amendments in Yandina



Where? Connections at Yandina Baptist Church, crnr Farrell St & Low St

When? 7.30pm Tuesday 3 July.

Why? Re-zoning proposal will mean crowded housing, traffic snarls, parking problems, unsafe roads and more.

Sunshine Coast Council wants to include south west Yandina in the current round of amendments to its overall Planning Scheme.

It plans to re-zone a parcel of land bordered by Wappa Falls Road, Creightons Road and Bracken Fern Road from rural residential to an Emerging Community Zone. This will give the green light to developers to carve up the land into a residential development with some lots as small as 300 square metres, and possibly double storey homes.

This proposal is completely at odds with Council’s own official description of our town as ‘predominantly low density detached housing with a laid back country town atmosphere.’

  • Where is the infrastructure to support the hundreds of new dwellings and cars in a town where parking is already stretched?
  • Why has Council refused to upgrade the bridge into town that would directly link the area in question? If hundreds more vehicles use that bridge, what are the safety implications for pedestrians, school children and cyclists?

We believe the re-zoning proposal is not in our best interests until our town’s infrastructure is upgraded to support such development and expansion. If you want to hear more and provide your own feedback, we urge you to come to the meeting.

The deadline for public submissions regarding the re-zoning proposal is 6 July.

Download a blank submission form » here.

Email it:

Post it: The Chief Regional Officer, Sunshine Coast Council, Locked Bag 72, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre, QLD, 4560

Deliver it: Caloundra Office – 1 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra. Maroochydore Office – 10 First Avenue Maroochydore. Nambour Office – Corner Currie and Bury Streets, Nambour.

Bring it: Bring your submission to the meeting for next day delivery to Council.

It’s your town. Have your say.

Sundial plan

Yandina News – Gatekeepers Cottage, Streetscaping, Sundial & Caboolture Creek Bridge

YADCA End-of-Year Meeting 4 December 2017 Report

It was not so much what happened at the meeting as something a few days afterwards that underscored the effectiveness of YADCA as an advocate for the Yandina community.

For much of this year a recurring agenda item at YADCA’s monthly meetings has been the fate of a cottage once lived in by the gatekeeper who operated the level crossing where Wharf Street used to cross the original North Coast railway line.

Gatekeepers Cottage

Gatehouse Cottage, on Wharf St at Yandina, dates back to about 1891.

Gatekeepers Cottage, Yandina.

Built in 1891 under a government contract when the line from Brisbane to Gympie was under construction, it is one of the oldest remaining residences on the Sunshine Coast. The owner wishes to redevelop the site where the cottage currently stands but was loath to have it demolished because of its heritage value. The case was taken up by YADCA members who have for many years been lobbying for the recognition and protection of the few remaining heritage buildings in the Yandina area.

YADCA secretary Peter Baulch prepared a submission to the Cultural Heritage Services office of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson was inspired to negotiate Council’s acquisition of the cottage and rewarded by the owner gifting it, subject to its removal. Peter briefed the Mayor and all of the Councillors on the case for funding its removal and preservation and, in a heartfelt letter to Cr Rogerson, YADCA member and Chamber of Commerce president David Tidey made a telling point: “It is often seen as important to protect the large impressive homes of the wealthy but there is also a responsibility on us as a community to protect the working history of our region“.

YADCA members were thrilled to learn that at the last Council meeting of the year on 7 December, Councillor Rogerson and Mayor Jamieson provided discretionary funding to move the cottage to a site in Tea Tree Park adjacent to the Yandina Historic House art gallery and tea rooms and re-establish it there on new stumps.


Another topic that has preoccupied YADCA this year has been streetscaping in the Yandina CBD and Cr Rogerson brought to the meeting the plans that the Council has drawn up after the two rounds of consultation with the local community.

Cr Rogerson reported that Council officers are now discussing the final details with interested parties and work should begin sometime after March 2018.   It will by then be more than a decade since YADCA first began negotiating with the Council to change the Yandina CBD streetscape from having the streamlined appearance of an apologetic highway choke point to that of a welcoming village high street, but the fact that this work will finally be done is another testament to the tenacity of YADCA as a community advocate.


Yandina Sundial

Proposed Yandina Sundial.

Further encouraging news on the Yandina Sundial that is expected to attract many visitors to the town was delivered by Philip Richards.

Philip presented plans which showed clearly what an impressive feature this will be and was able to report that generous support offered by local businesses has brought the cost of construction down to a level at which the project is looking viable.

Caboolture Creek Bridge

At the recent State Election the LNP’s Dan Purdie became the inaugural MP for the new seat of Ninderry and YADCA will be looking to him to deliver on his promise to replace the one-lane bridge over Caboolture Creek on the Yandina-Bli Bli Road that has been a high-order priority of YADCA’s for several years.

YADCA will brief our new Member on the story so far so that he has a running start.

Next YADCA Meeting: Monday 5 February 2018, 7.30PM at the RSL Hall, North Street, Yandina.

Everybody welcome! If you are interested in making Yandina better please come and share your ideas with us and Division 10 Cr Greg Rogerson.

For further information contact President Marie Reeve 0487 467 270

Find out about YADCA’s Aims and Membership here »

Gatehouse Cottage, on Wharf St at Yandina, dates back to about 1891.

Renovation or relocation for Gatehouse Cottage?

A cottage believed to be the Coast’s second oldest building will stand at least a little longer after councillors agreed to investigate renovation and relocation options.

Gatehouse Cottage, on Wharf St at Yandina, dates back to about 1891.

Its future on that site is limited, due to property owner Melinda Jones’ desire to build a duplex where the cottage currently stands.

She has gifted the cottage to Sunshine Coast Council if they can organise for its removal.

The cottage could be demolished with the approval of a private certifier because it is not on any heritage registers.

Options to retain the cottage were investigated by council officers during the past month.

They came back with the possibility of leaving the building where it stood and exploring other development options with Ms Jones, moving it to a neighbouring road reserve or taking it to Tea Tree Park in Yandina to stand near Yandina Historic House.

A council officer confirmed the building was of historical significance and it was likely a submission would be made to have it added to the council’s heritage register.

It will require some structural work such as door widening before it can be opened for public use.

Cr Greg Rogerson said during Thursday’s council meeting that the Yandina and District Historical Association and the Sunshine Coast Beekeepers groups were interested in using the building if it was moved to Tea Tree Park.

He said about $50,000 was a realistic cost of moving the building, re-stumping it and doing the plumbing and electrical work required for it to be ready for use.

Cr Ted Hungerford didn’t support the motion for more investigation, based on the condition of the building.

“I believe the cost of this, I just cannot justify,” Cr Hungerford said.

Cr Jenny McKay asked what price could be put on history.

She said a dollar value could not be put on it and urged other councillors to give the cottage a second chance.

Councillors did not define a time limit for when they expected the more-detailed report to be completed but noted Ms Jones was keen to get her building works under way and sought a decision urgently.


[Reprinted from Sunshine Coast Daily ‘Historic cottage defies demolition, for now’]

South East Queensland Regional Plan Review

The review of the SEQ Regional Plan is on again.

News from Peter Wellington’s office

Mr Wellington has asked that I forward you the following information as it may be of interest to you and your members.

Shaping SEQ is the start of an ongoing conversation with the community about the future of South East Queensland.

The Queensland Government is currently reviewing the South East Queensland regional plan and is calling for your ideas to ensure the plan reflects the values and needs of the community.

Our region is changing and growing. The regional plan allows us to realise the opportunities of growth while preserving the things we love about our communities. We will also be able to respond to the challenges that change brings.

Shaping SEQ will help establish an understanding of the key issues in planning for the region and the values, priorities and great ideas the community has for the future of SEQ.

We need to talk about the opportunities and challenges to establish a plan that will guide our region for the next 50 years.

Be part of the conversation by sharing your great ideas about our themes – grow, live, connect, prosper and sustain.

Throughout May and June the project team will be traveling across SEQ talking to the community.

Come and see the project team between 10am and 2pm at Kings Beach, Caloundra on Saturday 21 May – Address: Ormond Terrace and Edmond Street, Kings Beach, Caloundra .  The Project team will also be at the Caboolture Show on Saturday 4 June – Address: Caboolture Showgrounds, 140 Beerburrum Road, Caboolture.

For further details go to:


Paul Dawkins AEO for
Peter Wellington MP
Member for Nicklin
PO Box 265 Nambour 4560
Ph 5406 4100 Fax 5406 4109
Follow Peter Wellington MP on Facebook and Twitter.