Proposed Council Planning Amendments in Yandina

Rezoning Rural Residential Land in Yandina to ‘Emerging Community Zone’

Sunshine Coast Council has proposed rezoning a parcel of land bordered by Wappa Falls Rd, Creightons Rd & Bracken Fern Rd from Rural Residential to an ‘Emerging Community Zone’.

What is an Emerging Community Zone?

The Sunshine Coast Council definition of this Emerging Community Zone is as follows:

(1) The purpose of the Emerging Community Zone code is to ensure that development is designed and coordinated to achieve safe, healthy and sustainable new urban communities which:-

(a) are well integrated with existing communities;

(b) deliver affordable living opportunities;

(c) provide an appropriate mix and arrangement of activities; and

(d) provide a best practice benchmark for ecological sustainability and the implementation of environmental enhancement and rehabilitation programs.

(2) The purpose of Emerging Community Zone code will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:-

(a) prior to the granting of any development approval or master plan approval for urban purposes:-

(i) interim land uses and other development is predominantly limited to existing uses to ensure that the future potential of the land to be used for urban purposes is not compromised; and

(ii) the sporadic or premature creation of additional lots is avoided;

(b) development in the Palmview Declared Master Planned Area is undertaken in accordance with the Palmview Structure Plan (see Section 10.2 (Palmview Structure Plan)); and

(c) development in other areas not subject to Part 10 (Other plans) is undertaken in accordance with a plan of development that appropriately addresses the matters identified below, and which is implemented via a variation approval or an amendment to the planning scheme:-

(i) development reflects any specific intent statements and local structure planning elements for the area identified in a local plan code;

(ii) development avoids as far as practicable, or where avoidance is not practicable, minimises and otherwise mitigates, adverse impacts on ecologically important areas, including creeks, gullies, waterways, wetlands, coastal areas, habitats and vegetation through location, design, operation and management;

(iii) development is designed and sited to sensitively respond to the physical characteristics and constraints of land, including flooding, steep land, landslide hazard and bushfire hazard, where applicable;

(iv) the scale, density and layout of development facilitates an efficient land use pattern that:-

(A) is well connected to other parts of the urban fabric and planned future development;

(B) supports walkable neighbourhoods that are well connected to employment nodes, activity centres, open space and recreational areas, community facilities, health and education opportunities;

(C) encourages active and public transport accessibility and use; and

Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 Amended 3 July 2017 Page 6-44

(D) maximises the efficient extension and safe operation of infrastructure;

(v) an appropriate mix of land uses and housing types is provided;

(vi) a sense of character and community inclusion is promoted;

(vii) a high level of residential amenity, personal health and safety, and protection for property is provided;

(viii) development provides for pedestrian, cycle and vehicular movement networks that maximise connectivity, permeability and ease of movement within and to neighbourhoods and other areas;

(ix) development is located, designed and operated to be responsive to the Sunshine Coast’s sub-tropical climate and minimises the use of water and energy;

(x) development does not interfere with the existing or ongoing use of adjoining rural land for productive agricultural purposes;

(xi) development occurs in a logical sequence and facilitates the efficient and timely provision of infrastructure and services prior to, or in conjunction with, the first stages of development;

(xii) development is provided with the full range of urban services to support the needs of the community, including parks, roads and transport corridors, pedestrian and cycle paths, reticulated water, sewerage, stormwater drainage and electricity and telecommunication infrastructure; and

(xiii) development does not adversely impact on the continued operation, viability and maintenance of existing infrastructure or compromise the future provision of planned infrastructure.


Public Meeting to Discuss Proposed Planning Amendments in Yandina



Where? Connections at Yandina Baptist Church, crnr Farrell St & Low St

When? 7.30pm Tuesday 3 July.

Why? Re-zoning proposal will mean crowded housing, traffic snarls, parking problems, unsafe roads and more.

Sunshine Coast Council wants to include south west Yandina in the current round of amendments to its overall Planning Scheme.

It plans to re-zone a parcel of land bordered by Wappa Falls Road, Creightons Road and Bracken Fern Road from rural residential to an Emerging Community Zone. This will give the green light to developers to carve up the land into a residential development with some lots as small as 300 square metres, and possibly double storey homes.

This proposal is completely at odds with Council’s own official description of our town as ‘predominantly low density detached housing with a laid back country town atmosphere.’

  • Where is the infrastructure to support the hundreds of new dwellings and cars in a town where parking is already stretched?
  • Why has Council refused to upgrade the bridge into town that would directly link the area in question? If hundreds more vehicles use that bridge, what are the safety implications for pedestrians, school children and cyclists?

We believe the re-zoning proposal is not in our best interests until our town’s infrastructure is upgraded to support such development and expansion. If you want to hear more and provide your own feedback, we urge you to come to the meeting.

The deadline for public submissions regarding the re-zoning proposal is 6 July.

Download a blank submission form » here.

Email it:

Post it: The Chief Regional Officer, Sunshine Coast Council, Locked Bag 72, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre, QLD, 4560

Deliver it: Caloundra Office – 1 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra. Maroochydore Office – 10 First Avenue Maroochydore. Nambour Office – Corner Currie and Bury Streets, Nambour.

Bring it: Bring your submission to the meeting for next day delivery to Council.

It’s your town. Have your say.


OSCAR State Election Candidate Forum

View the complete Candidate Forum online at View News Sunshine Coast.

Candidates responses to the OSCAR Candidate Survey and other election information can be seen on the OSCAR website.

OSCAR Inc’s State Election Candidate Forum was held on Saturday 18 November 2017 at the North Shore Community Centre, 701 David Low Way, Mudjimba from 2.00pm.

  • 10 candidates from across the region will present and provide answers
  • Bring your questions for the Q & A Session
  • Followed by informal meet the candidates
  • Candidates, OSCAR & Member information available

OSCAR’s Objectives

  • To ensure local government related issues, that the Sunshine Coast community are seeking action on, are raised with election candidates prior to the election on 25 November 2017,
  • To ensure the range of issues we are seeking answers on are in line with the OSCAR members’ requirements and help to advance the reform agenda OSCAR is pursuing on behalf of our members,
  • To ensure the position of individual candidates in the 8 electorates are communicated to members so they can make an informed decision in casting their vote – keep in mind that with the 4 main parties (LNP, ALP, Greens and One Nation) and independents there could be 40 plus candidates contesting the 8 Sunshine Coast seats,
  • To get commitments from candidates and parties on issues identified by member organisations including, but not limited to:
    • Local Government Governance issues – eg ban on developer donations, confidential sessions etc
    • Primacy of our Planning Schemes
    • Handling of Local Government complaints
    • Cost of Right To Information for Not For Profit groups
    • Population Growth implications and policies to deal with this
    • Transport Infrastructure
    • Climate Change

OSCAR (Organisation of Sunshine Coast Associations of Residents)
Contact: Tony Gibson 0419 791 860
PO Box 105, Coolum Beach 4573, QLD